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Vocom (Computer telephony programming kit) 

Almico Delphi Component Page 
ELFxWINSOCK full featured MUD client 

Welcome to RADsite.com! 

This site is dedicated to High Quality Software Solutions for Windows 9x-Me-NT-2k. Some of our programs also run under Windows 3.1 or even dos, so please contact us for more informations. 

We cover many field of interest and also do custom programming so if you are in need of a custom database application or whatever, just drop us a line and we will be right back with you. 

Right now our newest product is a GREAT little software called QuickShell. Please click on the link to see the home page. Use it and you will wonder how you did before! 
Free working shareware version available in the page.. 

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Interested in Computer telephony? Want to program your own voice  system? CTI? Automated attendant? Automated survey? We guarantee you that the easiest and more convenient way to have your system just the way you want it is to use our Voice System Development Kit called VOCOM! 

Vocom development system for automated telephone applications
On the same page you can find a set of solutions for Dialogic Cards file handling like the Vox2Wav converter, the TVoxPlay delphi component etc..  

Want a complete custom voice system withouth writing a single line of code? check our Voice systems page 

Delphi Solutions? we got what you need! a complete set of components to do many things like TWAIN scanning, AVI capturing, JPEG saving-loading,  Audio Capturing etc.. 

 Almico Delphi Component Page

If you like MUDS and you're looking for a fully featured client running under Windows 


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